We are happy to announce that from 2020 has introduced an online competition and invites musically gifted young performers around the globe to take part in this premier event. Here at BIYMF we are dedicated and passionate about supporting and encouraging interest to classical music and assisting young talents to play their chosen instruments and grow as performers. Through our long-term partnership with world renowned professionals in industry around the world we aim to provide the richest musical experience for young artists at early stages of their performing careers.

Music is the most understood and shared language among the nations. It helps human civilization in happy and difficult times to express and share emotions. It unites people regardless of their cultural, religious or socio – economic backgrounds. In difficult times when the global communities are facing unprecedented challenges it is more than ever important to support interest and show our dedication to Music as a priceless and most powerful means of human communication.

We wish you all the best with your endeavor and look forward to listen to your performances!